Secrets to optimize recycling food

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It is possible to grow a plant from one food waste

Secrets to optimize recycling food

Many "leftovers" of vegetable, instead of being thrown, should be "recycled" because it could be a new source of food due to their capacity for regeneration.

For example, you can use the white root of some plant species such as leeks, chives, fennel, shallot. Will be enough to place the plant in question in a glass container with a little 'of water, taking care to place it in a well-lit and will do a few days to attend the sprouting of the top of the plant that can again use in the kitchen.

Other vegetables such as celery, cabbage or lettuce roman lend themselves to the same procedure and in the space of a week, the new plant can be planted to grow florida.

Secrets to optimize recycling food

Garlic, onions and ginger require a mechanism quite similar, with the only difference that ginger not particularly appreciates the direct light.

Last but not least potatoes that deserve special attention because often the flows, when they begin to have some bud, not knowing what the other hand is the right time to "recycle".

Just cut into pieces of about 2 cm potato, taking care to leave intact the shoots and then allow to rest for a few days at room temperature.

Subsequently interreranno the pieces to 8 cm deep with bud facing upward, using as nourishment of the compost.

Periodically it will be good to add the soil that will ensure the plant a vigorous growth in a matter of weeks.