Ebola, budget increasingly serious in Africa: 1,350 confirmed deaths in 4 countries

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The death toll caused by the Ebola virus nel'Africa western rose to 1,350 dead and 2,473 cases of virus disease in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria. This was reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), adding that the victims are rising quickly in Liberia, where the budget now stands at 576 dead. The UN agency also warned that "countries are beginning to record shortages of fuel, food and basic goods."

Last budget released today by the World Health 'Organization (WHO), have been updated with details of the 17 and 18 August, in which there were another 106 deaths and 221 new cases (confirmed, probable or suspected). Liberia and 'the country that registered the most' high number of deaths, 95 of 106, and new cases, 126 to 221. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the country has had 972 cases, including 576 fatal. In Sierra Leone there were 9 deaths and 59 new cases; the overall budget and 'of 907 cases, including 374 fatal. In Guinea, where and 'match the epidemic, there have been two more deaths and 36 new cases. The budget of the country and 'of 579 cases, including 396 fatal. In Nigeria, the WHO stated that it had not registered any new case. The overall budget and 'four deaths out of 15 cases, although last night the Ministry of Health' reported that a fifth person died.

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